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Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year's reception

The last years, it has become a tradition in Belgium to have a New Year's reception offered by the town council.

Today we were invited to two reception, by the way. We live in Dendermonde and thus we were invited to the town's reception on the Great Market, but we were also invited in Knokke-Heist where we have our second home. So we switch between the two towns and this year we attended in Dendermonde.

The mayor speeced for a little while - he's a teacher, so he doesn't just talk to be interesting - and afterwards there was music by a philharmonic orchestra and free drinks. Beer from local breweries Malheur and Vicaris and also warm soup, hot chocolate and fruit juice. I first tried a Vicaris Quint but it was a bit light to my taste, so afterwards I went for a Vicaris Triple.

Btw, did you know they also brew Trappist beer in the United States? To be exact, in  Boston and I believe the beer is called Spencer. The brothers of the abbey learned their trade in Belgium and the head brewer is one of our countrymen.

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