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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Old pics ... and the memories they bring

This afternoon was a lazy one, after having spent about ten active days at the coast and another three in London. So we decided to just relax on the couch and look at some old photos we found while dusting out a cupboard.

We often had to laugh. At our hairdo's, the silly clothes we once wore, the big glasses on my nose...

Do you also have this feeling when looking at old pics?

At the same time, they bring back dear memories, of our parents who are no longer there. We only have ONE picture in which our family is complete: dad and mum, Chris and me. It was taken in 1982, a long time ago, and we all look so young! I had my hair in a Michael Jackson coupe, my sister had long tresses. My mother was still blonde and dad had all his hair. The photo was taken on December 24th, my sister's birthday. A bottle of champagne on the table, two girlfriends on the sofa too. Brigitta and Cristina, the two daughters of the hotel in Scuol, Switzerland, we used to frequent those days. I was working in Germany at that time, and I used to spent lots of time in Switzerland too, visiting with Brigitta.

There were also pics of our grandmother and our neighbor Yvette, all a lot younger. Yvette has my age. In the picture she is accompanied by her young son Tom - the same who now refuses her to see her only granddaughter.

Other pictures of neighbor's daughers, Marianne and Christel. Christel lived next to us, Marianne in the bordering house. Christel considered our dad like hers too, because her own parents never had time for her, and it was our dad who taught her everything.

Yeah, so many memories - a very sign one is getting old!

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