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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Smartphones and tablets

Just read in today's newspaper about the boost in sales of smartphones and tablets.

Being a child of the 1950s, I don't really see the use for a smartphone. Hey, when we were teenagers we made our dates at the school entrance (or in the classroom). A few lucky ones of us had a telephone already (remember those ugly black backelite monsters?) but this you only use in case of emergency - you did not want to disturb the parents! And things worked out just fine. We never came late for an appointment, we knew what our friends were doing.

So when technology evolved, I got myself a cell phone, but I only use it when I'm outside the house. To be able to make a call when necessary or being called by someone urgent. I won't use it in the supermarket to ask my sister what we're going to have for dinner. But the younger ones seem to have their cell phone glued to their hand!

Tablets are another thing, though. I bought myself one two months ago, even when my sister claimed I did not need it. (She's turned around now, btw.) I had to figure out how to use it, as I'm used to handling a mouse and my fingers are not so good anymore. But by now I seem to manage quite well. What I think is the biggest trump card of a tablet is that is it light to carry along (fits in your handbag) and the screen is big enough to watch. I can read my ebooks on it (yes, there's a Kindle app to download) so I don't need to takee my Kindle e-reader too (depends where I'm going, though, sometimes I only take the e-reader). I can read the mail on my three accounts, and I can surf the internet. I can watch films and music on You Tube, and more importantly, I can now watch my favorite soap wherever I am. I'm a real Thuis-fan (have been watching since the first episode). As long as there is a strong wifi signal, we're able to watch. It was fun while being in London to see the daily episode in real time or delayed.

I often wonder what my grandparents would have said if you could transport them into this century? Or our great-grandparents? Not to mention someone from the Middle Ages...

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