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Monday, January 13, 2014

Word games

I must admit, I'm a little addicted to playing word games online. For a couple of years both my sister and I played 'Letters in the Sand' on Facebook. The games consisted of trying to form 11 or so words with six letters that were given in 2 minutes 30 seconds - or less. At first, we barely managed to form all the words, often missed a couple of them. But in time we managed to find them all and from then on our time got better by the day. At the end, we played the game in 9 seconds!

But since a couple of weeks this game can't be played anymore. Don't know why. It seemed to crash first and then there was an announcement they would not continue the game.

Now we're into Words of Wonder. More like Scrabble, but intriguing anyway. 

I think such word games are good for the mind. We're getting older and this makes our brain work. Fancy I'll still be playing these when I'm in an old folks home.... By now they should all have wifi anyway!

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