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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wauters versus Waes

Yesterday evening, a long expected broadcast was aired. A program called "Wauters versus Waes".

This is THE competition between national TV and commercial TV. They each chose one of their fittest men to compete against each other in a 10-part series of events. The viewers could send in suggestions as to what the guys should do. A list was made from these.

Tom Waes (the competitor of national TV) is a tough guy. He has already done a program in which he climbed mountains, crossed across the desert, fly a jet plane, ... His competitor Koen Wauters is the lead singer of the group Clouseau, but he also presents on commercial TV. He's quite tough as well, as he takes part in the Dakar rally each year.

The first competition was riding from Bordeaux to Paris like they did in 1891. On bikes from that age, in clothing from the 19th century. 600 kilimeters and only one stop permitted...

Both tried their best, but Tom Waes won this time. 0-1 is the score right now.

I wonder what they will be up to next week. The program sures draws attention and it will be great for the viewing figures. It's broadcasted on Een for 5 weeks, and then for another 5 on VTM.

Do you also have this kind of program in the US? And would you dare to take part in such a competition, where you never know what's being asked of you?

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