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Friday, November 14, 2014

Depressing start of the weekend

It could not last. We've been having dry weather for quite some time, but right now the rain is pouring down. I pity my sister who is away on her bike..  I'm cozy at home, and don't need to go outside for anything but throwing away some garbage in the green bin.

Rain is not the only depressing thing. Just heard on the radio that as of next year we won't be able to subtract as many from our taxes as before. Like saving for your pension, the interest on your savings account, ... Why don't they find the money with those who have more than enough? But a goverment full of liberals (who own all the main businesses) and NVA (have a lot of small business owners in their midst) won't take on those who have a lot.

Just hope the protests will bring something positive.

For the rest, I'm thinking about what to eat during this weekend. A good steak for tomorrow, perhaps, with some sliced and baked potatoes and lots of bell peppers and onion! And on Sunday something with venison, which is quite cheap nowadays. Must look up a good recipe.

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