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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Long weekend at the coast

Because the schools close on Monday 10th November, and also of course of November 11th, we are taking a long weekend at the coast.

Being at the coast always feels like a holiday. The air is purer, you can enjoy long walks on the beach or promenade, do bycicle tours in the hinterland, enjoy the good food and drinks...

What is als nice is that there are less tourists now than in summer. Right now, you can ride your bike over the promenade without hitting anyone. You can ride into Holland from here, through the nature reserve of Het Zwin. Knokke-Heist really is a resort where you can find something for anyone's taste.

On Tuesday there will be a remembrance ceremony to testify the end of Word War One. Afterwards there will be a reception for the inhabitants of the town, and also for those who own a second home there (we included).

So it's just relax and enjoy...

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