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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Soulfood: macaroni with plums

Now that the days grow dark around 4.30 pm, I think it's nice to have something warm to eat. You can eat this macaroni as lunch, but it's also a snack.

What do you need? Well, take about 150 gr of macaroni per person, and 15 plums with stone. You will also need vanilla powder, milk, white and brown sugar.
To start with, you need to put the plums into some water in which you add brown sugar. Let them there for a couple of hours. Mind that you use enough water so that the plums are always covered with it.

When you want to eat, you cook the macaroni. But don't take water, use milk. You add sugar to your own desire, and also vanilla sugar. The macaroni should be thick and the milk also when it has cooked long enough. Pay attention to the milk, you'll need a lot!

When the macaroni begins to thicken, put the water with plums on the heater as well. Bring the water to the cooking point.

This is the way we eat this dish. It comes from our grandmother, who learned it from her mother. You can mix macaroni and plums, yummmie! Of course there's a lot of sugar in this recipe, but heck, a little sugar every now and then is not bad, right?

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