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Saturday, November 22, 2014


Just finished watching an excellent Danish TV drama, based on the novels of Elsebet Egholm.

Dicte tells the story of journalist Dicte Svendsen. Aged 16 and belonging to a family of Jehova's Witnesses, Dicte gets pregnant by a boy not belonging to their community, and is thus forced by her parents to give her little son away as soon as he's born. (This son, Peter Bautrup, will figure later in the series and also gets a new series of books by the author)).)

Dicte runs away from home and finds shelter and friendship with two other women, Lisa-Marie and Anne. This friendship will remain through adulthood.

Years later, Dicte has been married (and divorced) and has a daughter, Rose. She works for a Danish newspaper in Aarhus. Aarhus is where she lived with her parents. She had bought a house there, and also her ex-husband comes to live in the neigborhood. After a hesitating start, she finds her way at the new office and becomes friends with the photographer.

Soon she is involved in a case, which is also investigated by Inspector Wagner and his aide Bengtsen. Things don't always go well between press and police, but in general Wagner has a broad mind and can understand why Dicte needs to do things.

In the course of the series, Dicte's lost son turns up. In the last episode it is shown Peter has been in prison (convicted for murder) because he wanted to protect a girl who was in the same home as he was as a child.

This was really a very good series and I can recommend it. Better still, now the new series of books, featuring Peter Boutrup, is also available in English on Amazon!

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