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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The absurdity of dreams

Does this also happen to you?

This morning I woke up, remembering the dream I had before my alarm went. The dream went as follows: I was sitting in a small plane with my sister. Apparently we were flying from some place in Alaska to another place in the US. Then we were in a sort of hotel, where our grandmother waited for us. We were sitting in a lounge and I was reading on my Kindle. Then I went for a cup of coffee and when I returned the Kindle was gone. None of the other guests had noticed anything. I felt very sad, regretting the fact I could not buy another  Kindle. And grandma said she'd buy it for me.

Just imagine! My grandmother died in 1986 and she has never been out of Europe. She did however buy a lot of things for me and my sister and always helped out when she could. And we have been on a cruise to Alaska and once sat in a very small plane, on a panoramic flights over some mountains.

Funny how you combine all these things in your dreams. Of course, it's a way to remember those who are gone. I regularly dream about my parents and grandparents. When they figure in one of my dreams, they look just as they used to, forever remaining young.

Most of the time, I can tell which dream I had. I also dream in color and am able to taste and smell. I've dreamed scenes of a novel I was about to write. In the dream it all came together, and then I only had to write down what I remembered...

Do you also dream, and can you tell what you dreamed?

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