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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When dining out in Leeds, UK

If you ever happen to be in Leeds (Yorkshire, UK) I can recommend Kendells Bistro when you want to dine out.

Paul Kendell worked for many years in France, and it shows in his cuisine. It's based on good French foundations, with English touches. The atmosphere in the restaurant is that of a typical bistro in the French counties. Cosy, busy.

The restaurant works with an everchanging 'du jour' menu. This is written on the big blackboard against one wall. Of course there will be dishes that return, as they are everyone favorites. Next to that there is a two- or three-course lunch or dinner available. When you go for the three-course meal, half a bottle of the house wine is included.

As we liked what was on the menu card, we went for the three-course dinner. And man, was it good! We had French onion soup for starters (the real one, with toast and cheese). Delicious! It's been a very long time since I had that kind of soup (which was in Park City, Utah, as I seldom go to France) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Next came the main dish, boeuf bourguignone (which means as much as 'beef the way of Burgundy'). This came with mashed potatoes, mushrooms and slices of bacon. The house wine was a red one, also from Burgundy. For dessert we took the crème brulée, which is one of my favorite desserts.

Everything tasted excellent and also the service was very good. Our waiter (the son of the owner?) spoke fluently French (which we don't, but understand) next to English.

The best part, however, was when we asked for the bill. Can you imagine, we only had to pay £65 (tip included) for us two? That would be around 80 €, more or less. I don't know a restaurant in Belgium where you can eat the same quality at this price!

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