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Friday, November 7, 2014

Unions declare war to right-wing government

Since October we (the Belgians) have a new government, consisting of a majority of right-wing (nationalist + liberal) ministers. As soon as they gave their declaration of measures to be taken in the future, a whole lot of people saw red.

Ok, I know it can't go on as it has been. For the past 50 odd years, the government spent money like they had a gold mine. A lot can be done to reduce this spending, I'm sure noboby will argue about that.

It's just the way the new government want to cut the costs - on the backs of those who work, who have children, who are old, who are needy. Not on those who have big capitals stowed away in tax paradises.

The goverment wants to reform the pensions. But all their new measures would start in January 2015! Most of us have been working according to agreements made by previous governments. No they would take away like 300-400 Euro of the pension we're supposed to get (and for which we have worked, and paid taxes).

Schools and universities would become more expensive. Just like child-care and health services.

Wages won't be raised in more than two years.

All measures which are extremely unpopular. Therefore, a big manifestation was organised by the unions yesterday. More than 120,000 people demonstrated in Brussels. Some of them were also violent, throwing stones at the police. More actions will take place in the coming weeks and months, but as far as I can see the goverment won't budge.

Some of the new measure will also affect myself and my sister. I can only hope there will be some lenience towards those who are over 55. After all, you have reckoned all of the time with the pension you should have, and not 300 Euro less. I'm ever so happy I own my house and have no debts - because buying a house will practically be impossible for young people of today.

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