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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Il Divo - A Musical Affair

On Halloween night, we went to see the Il Divo concert in the First Direct Arena, Leeds (UK). The whole arena was packed with fans (mostly women!) and I really pitied the ones sitting on the sides or in the back.

We had great center stage seats, on row C. The ticket fare was 'Up Close and Personal', but I don't mind paying money to have a good view on stage. And the show certainly was worth its money!!!

Around 7.30 pm the lights went out and the orchestra began its overture. And then the guys appeared on stage, singing all kind of beautiful songs of the great musicals of our times.

We have some DVD's of Il Divo, but seeing them live is another thing. I was quite impressed by Carlos' voice, and also David sings very well.

As a guest, Il Divo had asked Lea Salonga to join them on tour. Ms. Salonga played the lead role in Miss Saigon when it first opened, and also starred in Les Mis, playing both

Sometimes, both my sister and I got goosebumps when we heard Lea and Il Divo singing.

The concert tour is practically finished, but if you can catch one of their shows, don't miss the opportunity! You're certain to have a great evening.

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