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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

At last - no more credit for those who can't pay

As from today - and I don't think it's an April Fool's joke - banks and stores can't sell good anymore to people who already are in behind with their payment for more than 1,000 Euro.

I think this is a good thing. Some people really don't have any notion. They don't have any income (only benefits) but they want luxury nevertheless. They buy the most expensive flatscreen TV, need to have the latest smartphone and usually have a big dog which needs a lot of attention (and food!). And of course they also want to travel abroad. So they borrow money - and in the end don't know how to pay back all their debts.

We were always told we could not buy anything before we had saved up first. And I still don't buy what I can't afford.

But how lower the social class, the more people seem to want - for free! They don't work, but they have mostly an air about them, demanding their rights. They need to have social contacts, so they need this (very expensive) phone with internet access. Hm, couldn't they go to the library and use the internet there, for a very modest yearly fee?

I really can't understand how someone can get so much in debt. We have such a big social network. When you lose your job, you have unemployment aid. And there is also the OCMW, which pays a monthy minimum wage to those who can't get unemployment aid. Before you lose OCMW support, you have to be not in order anymore with everything. How can you get into such a situation? In my view, this can only happen because you don't care anymore and deliberately see to it you lose everything. And for me, such people should not get anything from the state (which are we, hard-working and high tax-paying citizens).

What do you think?

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