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Monday, April 20, 2015

Mediterranean turns into a graveyard

The past couple of days, more than thousand refugees have found an early grave in the Mediterranean Sea. People mainly from Africa, wanting to find a better life in Europe.

The EU is getting more and more comments about not doing anything to stop this massacre. But what can be done? They can't really shoot them out of the water, right?

One thing is sure: Europe (and mainly Italy) can't help all those who seek refuge here. I don't know what they expect, either? Baked chicken flying into their mouths?

The past era's we have been swamped with economical asylum-seekers. They all think we get everything for free. They don't realize that our welfare originates from hard work and paying lots of taxes (especially in Belgium). That we have fought for our rights to vote, to work 8 hours a day instead of 16, to have free education for everyone.

The biggest mistake, in my opinion, is that Europe has never put rules to immigration. You can't immigrate into the US, Canada or Australia without proving you have either money and a job. Europe should have done the same. Then we'd had people who were willing to work as hard as we do and earn their rights.

But now these refuguees just go to the OCMW where they get a nearly rentless home to stay, and also money to spend.

And why emigrate? If their is unjustice in your country, unite and fight against it for a better world. Give people the chance to go to school, and you'll get less influence of extremists.

What do you think?

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