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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earthquake in Nepal

Due to a busy working schedule, I haven't been able to place a blog for a couple of days. Since my last blog post, the terrible earthquake in Nepal happened - with the destruction of so many lives.

Of course you know this country is situated near one of the lines that are touched by earthquakes, but still... Nepal is already one of the poorest countries in the world. When you see the destruction, you'd weep.

A cousin of ours is a big fan of mountain climbing, and he has also been to Nepal in the course of time. Now he's helping his former sherpa, who has lost his housing. Nearly every organisation here in Belgium is raising money for those in need, and most likely the people will give freely. People here want to give money for those in need, especially when the disaster is not their fault. A war in Ukraine will interest no-one, but an earthquake or tsunami does.

What concerns us, we have given all what we could miss in the form of warm blankets and older (but still in good qualituy) jackets to our cousin, who is collecting such items and will try to put them into a container for Nepal.

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