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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Top day for the coast

For once the weather forecasters were right. Today is a wonderful, sunny day with temperatures up to 26° Celsius.

And on top, it's still Easter holidays, so lots of people are free, not having to work. Little wonder thousands took away to the coast ... or at least wanted to! We were just out of bed when we heard on the radio that there were big traffic jams, delaying the drive to the coast with at least one or two hours. Normal traffic only resumed after 3 pm!

The railroads set in a couple of extra trains to Ostend and Blankenberge, next to the normal trains.

The result was that, when walking on the promenade, you had the feeling of high summer - with even more people than on a day of July or August. The beaches were crowded with people sunbathing, building castles in the sand, playing volleyball or jeu de boules, some even dared to go into the water.

We had an icecream and ate it on a sunny bench, and then returned to our flat. We have this big roof terrace on the south side, so we get the sun all day. We quickly put out recliners and provided ourselves with drinks... And then enjoyed the glorious sunshine!

We don't often go to the beach anymore, because it's a tough walk. Our beach is more than a kilmeter wide, even at high tide. When we stay at the flat, we have the fresh air too, but everything is at hand.

How's the weather in your side of the world?

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