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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Only 1 on 4 cooks daily

A research campaign revealed that only 1 of every 4 people in Belgium still cooks daily. 75% of the population only eats in restaurants or buys ready-made meals in the supermarkets.

All very expensive and even more so, bad for your health. How difficult is it to cook? My sister and I also work, yet we always find time to prepare our daily warm meal. Most of the time, we have a diner ready in less than half an hour. And on those days when we have more time, we make soup (yes, fresh soup, with lots of varieties) and prepare stews, which we then freeze and store for later use.

We try to find a good mix of warm meals, with sometimes meat, sometimes chicken, sometimes fish and also one day vegetarian.

In the weekends we take some more time in the kitchen, but that is because we like to eat and don't mind the time in preparing the food.

We have always had a self-prepared meal, although we like to have diner at a restaurant too. And we still take time to sit together at the table, while talking about our daily experiences. Only breakfast is a meal we can't take together, as I have to leave earlier for work than my sister.

Do you still cook? And do it daily?

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