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Friday, April 24, 2015

Should children fulfil their parents' desires?

When reading the newspaper, you somtimes come across articles about parents who have a child with a fatal illness. Some of them chose to have another child then, which is only to be used as organ donor.

Other parents want their child to become that dancer (singer, artist, whatever) they never could become.

Do you think this is ethical? I don't have any children or grandchildren myself, but I'm sure I would never have wanted my boy or girl to be something I wished to be. I think every child has its own capacities, and it's up to them and their parents what these are. And then you should allow the kid to do what he or she likes to do.

It's the same with accepting that your child is different in nature. Some parents don't have any contact with a son or daughter who is gay or lesbian. I've know such a boy, and he suffered greatly by it. For me, it would not have made any difference if my kid was straight or gay. As long as they are happy, and healthy!

What do you think?

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