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Friday, April 3, 2015

Growth for Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is steadily becoming more and more busy the past years. Today, some 41,000 passengers left on holiday and the following days will be pretty busy as well.

Several new airlines have arrived in Brussels (among which Ryan Air and Vueling for low cost, and Emirates for those with money) and this has surely given a boost to traffic.

Also Brussels Airlines is not doing bad lately. They now offer some low cost seats on their planes, but you get the same service as those who pay more. You just need to be able to purchase those cheap tickets! I was ever so lucky to be able to buy tickets to Rome for nearly nothing.

As I mentioned, lots of passengers left today. But among these lots were families with children - who ought to be at school until the afternoon. This has been a problem for some time. As long as travel agencies will offer trips which are cheaper when you leave one or two days earlier than the start of the holiday, this will occur. The minister of education wants to do something against it, but what can she do? Doctors too easily write a letter, saying the kid is ill.

And we poor teachers, we can only travel during those school holidays, when everything is more expensive....

But hey, we won't complain. Not as long as we can find cheap airfares to those places we want to visit.

Have a great Easter, all of you!

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