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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jersey Boys UK tour

Just back from a short trip to Dublin, Ireland - the reason why I did not write a blog for some days. Did you miss me?

Just like the first time, we liked Dublin very much. It's quite a nice town and you can do a lot there (besides drinking Jameson or Guiness).

But we mainly went to see Jersey Boys. We have wanted to see this show for ages, but we never could find good seats for the London shows.  And by accident we came across some advertisement fr the UK tour. What was better still, some of the tour dates fell into our Easter holidays and it's quite easy and cheap to fly from Belgium to Dublin. Also the hotel was less expensive now than in summer last year.

But the best thing was that the lead role of Franki Valli was sung by Tim Driesen, who is one of our fellow countrymen. Tim really has talent. He also has a wide range of voice, which is what is needed when you do Franki Valli.

The entire show was great and the public was also very responsive. Sometimes the applause lasted minutes, and I'm sure the cast appreciated this!

After the show we waited at the stage door to get some signatures and also have a chat with Tim. Much appreciated!

(Here's me talking to Tim.)

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