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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Don't feel my feet anymore!

Boy, am I tired! We've been painting the flat  (every room) as the weather was  not so good anyway. It's chilly (less than 20° Celsius) and there is always a lot of wind.

Well, better than the forest fires in the south of France, of course! This morning we heard our hostess in Saint Raphael, who was being interviewed about the fires for the radio news. I recall she was very much afraid of forest fires and so she asked not to smoke anywhere in the garden.

And our flat looks nice with the new paint. We just got finished tonight and have taken time to clean up the tools and take a shower ourselves. Now we still need to cook dinner - but hey, we're on holiday and we don't have to mind time.

But I'm very tired. Here is where you notice you're getting older... nearing 60, so not a spring chicken anymore!

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