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Friday, July 24, 2015


Yesterday evening, we went to see a show that was very much worth its while. It's named Tagad'Art and it's a spectacle created in the south of France.

A guy who used to work for Cavallia (a show à la Cirque du Soleil, but wit horses) was finally able to buy & train enough horses to start for himself. Along with his wife, he created a new show which is a mix of superb horsebackriding and the sort of amusement you can find on the streets of every big town.

The company is still small, and the spectacle intimate. That's what I like a lot. We had tickets which allowed us to sit on the best places (center stage), have a meet & greet with the artists and be allowed to visit the behind scenes while having a drink and a bite. I never refuse to pay a higher price for good tickets.

We were allowed to come very near to the horses (most of them Lipiazer, some of Spanish blood) and touch them as well. I'd wished we would have been allowed to take such a horse for a ride... I once had the pleasure to ride Lipizaners, while taking a course of dressure in Lipiça (now Slovenia). This place was the original place where the horses of the Spanish Riding School (Vienna) were bred, when Lipiça still belonged to Austria.

As we have been riding for a long tide, we also understand perfectly how difficult it is to have horses to the things they performed in the show. Congrats!

The show also included acrobacy on high level, performed by a couple which I think came from one of the former Russian republics, and a group of nice guys from various West African countries.

Knokke-Heist was the first stop of their tour outside France. When you have an opportunity to see this show, I can recommend it!

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