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Monday, April 11, 2016

Be aware of frauds!

Those who read my blog will know by now that I live in an old house - almost 100 years old. So there is always something that needs fixing.

Some things we can do ourselves, like hanging wallpaper or painting. My sister is even able to do some minor plumbing. But there are problems we can't fix ourselves and therefore we need others.

Until a year or so ago, I used to have a good person to do chores.  A cousin of my father, in fact. He had his own company and they did all kind of odd jobs. You only had to call him, and he came looking. Their work was not too expensive (family rate) and was very well done. But alas, this cousin passed away and nobody took over the company.

Since then we're a bit lost. At the seaside, there are plenty of companies specialized in small chores, but here in Dendermonde they are hard to come by. When searching the net, I came across a person offering to do chores, so I made contact and he came over to see what needed to be done.

But as soon as he entered the house, the alarm bells went off. The prices he mentioned were way too low to be credible. He also did not take notes or made calculations. Then he offered to do the job, but I should pay half the money in advance. Hello???

Further research proved he was a fraud, in fact condemned for similar facts before. Apparently, he'd tricked more than 50 people in the area already.  So no, I'm not going to wire him any money. But right now, I'm still looking for someone trustworthy to do the job!

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