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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sometimes strikes aren't acceptable

I don't have anything against unions (my own Dad was a union man) and also nothing against the right to strike.

But in some cases I don't think it's acceptable. Like people working in police-forces, hospitals, schools...

Yesterday, the people working for Belgocontrol on Brussels Airport went on strike (well, technically they did not strike but were 'ill') which meant that airplanes could not take off or land. They are protesting against the fact they have to work until they are 58!

Well, most other people have to work until they're 67. I still belong to the lucky ones who can go as planned, but with the new pension system my sister needs to work at least until she's 65 instead of going on 60. So why are those people complaining? They have a hectic job, watching all those planes flying over, but I'm sure it's not more difficult than keeping an eye on every student in a class for 50 minutes at an end, doing your job teaching. As a teacher you have to be a trained psychologist, a nurse or doctor, a parent, next to being the one who shares knowledge. But our job isn't considered as 'difficult'. No, most people think we do nothing but look forward to the next holiday (which we do, indeed, but then because we're dead tired after a couple of weeks).

So no, I don't have any consideration for these actions. They should go back to work. The airport has suffered enough after the terrorist attack three weeks ago and is only slowly getting back to normal.

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