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Monday, April 4, 2016

Brussels Airport is open - but how???

Since yesterday, the national airport of Belgium is busy again. But just so... Only three flights left the airport. Today around 8 flights would leave or arrive and tomorrow they head for 40 or 50 flights.

But getting to the airport is quite something. You have to pass six or eight security posts at the least! It takes about 4 hours to get to your gate.

Don't they realize this makes us the laughing stock of all the world? The terrorists are laughing out loud when they heard about these measures.

Security - after the calf has drowned. If someone wants to let a bomb explode, he or she will do it wherever. If not inside the airport, then outside.

When Brussels airport wants to reclaim its position as one of the busiest airports here in the west of Europe, they will have to cut down on the double-checking (or triple, ...) of all passengers. You want to be in your plane in about an hour, not much longer.

And nobody knows how it is going to continue. Flights can only be announced one day ahead (!) I don't call that doing business.

Well, the trip to Marseille will probably fall the water as well. I just hope the situation will be back to normal when we take our two trips during the summer holidays.

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