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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II

Today, Queen Elizabeth II of England turns 90 and she's still going strong! Perhaps she wants to do better than her mum? (The Queen Mum became 101, btw) Her husband, Prince Philip, is already 94.

Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, so she's been on the throne for 64 years now. already longer than Queen Victoria, who had the previous record.

I admire the way in which Elizabeth keeps going on, even after all the mishaps and tragedies (the failed marriage of Charles and Diana, the death of Diana, the adventures of Fergie, ...) She really is Queen in heart and soul.

As those who read this blog will know, I have it for strong women. My own grandmother was quite like the Queen. She also became rather old, just like her mother (I hope I can go the same way!). But I do have one advantage on Her Majesty - at least I can say my lineage goes back to William the Conqueror!

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