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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Big Brother is watching you!

Do you sometime have the feeling that something isn't right?

Well, I've been feeling this for a while. Odd things happen in my house. Some weeks ago I returned from some errands and the doormat was not in its place. And only two days ago, I was putting away pots and pans in the space behind the kitchen (goes to the cellar, where we keep potatoes and wine bottles) when I noticed some items were not in their usual place. Now I'm a person who always puts things in their exact place. When they move only 1 mm I'll spot it.

Weird, eh? It's not the first time this happens. It all started some years after my then boyfriend disappeared (which is now practically 25 years ago). He'd always hinted he worked for national security. I don't know this for a fact, but I must assume it is - or was - true. Fact is, he's disappeared. And then, some years later, I got a phone call, in which someone was asking for him. I told that person I hadn't seen JP in years.

But since then both my sister and I know that a person (or persons) unknown enter our house when we're not there. They can pick the locks without forcing them. And they always leave a clue, like the displaced items. Are they looking for something? I wish I knew. Then I could look for it as well and hand it over. But the only left from JP is a black-and-white picture I've kept for sentimental reasons.

Now most of you will laugh at this,think I have a vivid imagination. Of course, I'm an author, so I do have one vivid imagination, but this is something I don't need to invent. If I wrote the novel it could be titled The Spy Who Loved Me...

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