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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Brussels Airport: soon back to normal

The trouble with the air traffic controllers is over. They're back to work - probably because there was too much protest from others with equally taxing jobs who need to work until they're 67...

At the same time, teams or workmen are very busy to rebuild the departure hall of the airport. There was a lot of damage, but luckily not to the structure of the building. So after the cleaning up of the ruins, the rebuilders could start. They've put new glass in the windows and doors, they are painting, placing new tiles on the floor, ... With a bit of luck part of the departure hall should be open next month already and by the end of June the entire building should be ready. This would bring the operations of the airport back to as they were before the terrorist attack.

So hopefully our next trips won't have to be annulled. Next month we'll be flying to Marseille, in July to Venice, in August to Stockholm, in September to Dublin and in December to Budapest.

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