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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Other grave behind King Tut's?

Lots of tourists have already trampled into the funeral chambers of Pharao Tutanchamon. But now, 3C scans made by the American-British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves have disclosed that at least two other rooms are behind the one where the tomb of Tut was found.

Wild expectation is that the other rooms might contain the tomb of Nefertiti - the scan indicates metal and organic matter. But other scientists say this could be a mighty disillusion. 'There could be just a hammer and a dead bat," says Olaf Kaper, who works for the University of Leiden (Holland). 

It will probably take some time before we know anything for sure, because the egyptologists are still trying to find out how to open up the closed chambers. 

I just love such stories! As a little girl I dreamed of becoming an archeologist and finding that missing treasure....

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