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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Some politicians should better keep quiet!

The past few days, there has been a lot of commotion about saying of some of our prominent politicians.

Kris Peeters, Minister of Work & Economy in the federal government, made (nearly) everyone mad by claiming 'we all live above our station'. You should see the reactions on Facebook and Twitter, and the letters posted in the newspapers! Hello? Are you living above your station if you are only earning 1085 € net per months, of which you have to pay the rent, gas and electricity, plus food? People who get that little have to scrape to reach the end of the month!  And really, if you are paying 54% in taxes, you don't get rich. So Minister Peeters should better have kept quiet.

Another guy who did it, is Jan Jambon, Vice-Premier and dealing with Internal Affairs. He claimed that 'a significant part of the muslim community was dancing at the news of the attack of 22nd March'. He should know better as well.

People in high places should be very careful with what they're saying. Because every word you utter will be weighed and valued...

The same goes for teachers. We all know we have to be careful in what we say and do, as to never offend any of our students, colleagues or parents.

Doesn't the old saying go: Speaking is silver, keeping quiet is gold?

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