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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Shred

Being older than half a century, I am still one of those person who listen to the radio. In fact, I turn on my radio as soon as I get up - and it keep playing until it's time for the news on TV (which is at 7 p.m.).

My favorite radio station is Radio 2 and in the afternoon, from 1 to 4, there is a program in which there is a contest named 'The Shred'. You hear one chord of a pop song (mostly an older one) and then you have to guess which song it comes from. Sometimes it gets very difficult, and the amount you can win goes up and up. Last Friday The Shred was finally guessed and the winner got 1030 Euro in his bank account.

Nowadays you can mail your answer, but I never have a clue. The one time I knew which song was meant, I tried to phone but never got in...

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