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Monday, January 16, 2017

Blue Monday? No, Happy Monday!

Listening to music can really bring you into a good mood. Especially when they're playing your favorite song.

That's why the radio makers of Radio Two (the most popular station in Belgium) decided to play only those records that were requested by their listeners, to make a happy day out of this Blue Monday (festivities are all over, our wallet's empty).

A fine conclusion to a great weekend, even despite the nasty winter weather (it began to snow and grew quite cold over the weekend). As mentioned, we spent this weekend in Antwerp. We went to see Jesus Christ Superstar, which was a really great show. Ted Neeley - despite his advanced age (72) - still had it in him and made a good Jesus. Also those actors who did Judah and Mary Magdalen were great singers.

And of course, because of the sales, we went shopping on Saturday morning (tried to restrain myself but ended up buying, of course) and made a walk through hail and ice-rain in the streets of Antwerp, discovering places we've never been before.

The evening ended with a visit to a restaurant not far from our hotel - De Peerdestal - where we ate very well.

The coming weeks will be a bit calmer. No more trips in the near future - but counting off to our trip to Argentina in April.

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