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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just love a good thriller

I had to take the train to Brussels this morning (had to go and see someone at the pension service) so I took my Kindle along and read some during the journey.

There're about 500 books on my Kindle already. I stopped reading printed books once they invented the e-readers. It's so much easier (also on the eyes) and you don't have to carry along a heap of (heavy) books when you're travelling.

The greatest number of books on my Kindle are thrillers. I just love a book that can set me on the edge of my chair! And I must say I've read some good one lately. Often I receive recommendations by Amazon and lots of times you can buy books for just 1 dollar. That's an offer I can't resist, so I end up with lots of books on my TBR pile (well, figuratively speaking). When I finish my current novel, I'm going to read Simon Wood's latest, Deceptive Practices. And then it's Cold Earth by Anne Cleeves, The Watson Girl by Leslie Wolfe, Nick of Time by John Gilstrap ...

I really liked Wood's previous book, The One That Got Away, and also the Erika Forster novels by Robert Bryndza, just like The Body Reader by Anne Frasier and the McMann trilogy of T.R. Ragan.

Other lovers of thrillers???

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