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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dreams of 1001 nights

Those who regularly read my blog will know by now we're fond of traveling. When we were just kids it was mainly Europe. In our twenties we decided to head somewhat further and then made trips to Kenya, Thailand, Peru & Bolivia, while in the meantime going skiing in the Rockies (US and Canada). In more recent years we began to explore our neigboring countries, finally discovering France and Italy. By now we have seen most of Europe, including Russia and Turkey.

You should also know we like to plan a year ahead... So while we have most of this year reserved already (coming up: trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina - Krakow, Poland - Florence, Italy) we are looking around at where to go next year!

First we thought of going to Israel, but there's trouble brewing there and it's not the best place for the moment. Then we thought of Canada. We have been there a couple of times already, but there are always places you haven't seen. And then we began to look at Oman. This Gulf state is relatively safe and it's said the Omani's are kind people. You begin to look at the different websites.... and dream away. Oh, those sights!

I wish I had heaps of money (unfortunately, I haven't) so I could book a trip with HudHud Travels. They do exclusive private tours completely to your wish (but it would cost 1600  € per night at the least). Well, perhaps we'll win the lottery and can book that trip after all?

So we looked at more affordable options. We've found some, but need to find out more. The following weekends will be spend at planning the entire trip, that's for sure.

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