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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cold is coming our way

The east of Europe is already 'blessed' by extreme cold. That's not surprising in countries such as Russia or Poland, but even in Greece and Italy it's super cold and are there lots of snow!

And it looks like this cold weather will also come our way. Luckily enough, they don't predict too much snow for Flanders (I must admit I hate it when it falls here, because with all the salt they put on the roads it soon becomes a mash that ruins your shoes). But in Wallony they'll get even more snow and there will be skiing and sledriding during the weekend.

It should freeze as of next week. That I like! Against freeze you can dress: a warm pullover, socks, warm coat and a hat. And then you can bear any cold. I've experienced up to -35° Celsius, years back in either the US or Canada during winter. I never felt frozen, even ate an icecream cone once when it was that cold.

Freeze would be a good thing for all those people who now suffer from a bad cold. My sister is one of the victims. You should see her face - looks like she's been boxing. And they should put a tap on that nose, it just keeps running. Poor girl, she has to work in this condition. And I who am at home, I don't even sneeze.

Guess cold agrees with me. And with you?

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