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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Finally succumbed

For some time, I didn't see the necessity of getting a smartphone. I rarely call while under way (only if I run the chance of being late somewhere, or when there's an emergency). So I kept on to my (very) simple mobile - one that allowed me to phone and to send a text message.

But now, with the sales in the stores getting into their last days (up to -70% on the normal price) it was the time to get me a smartphone. I could get one for only 49€! It's a Samsung, and that made it already somewhat easier to use, while I also have a Samsung tablet.

Nowadays, you are practically forced to have a smartphone. You can pay your errands with an app, you get your boarding passes for the airlines or international trains, you can find out where you are at a glance, ...

My sister is getting one when the next period of sales comes, in July. Guess it's time we got along with the progress!

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