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Friday, January 27, 2017

Busy Friday

It's been quite a busy day up to now! After breakfast, and saying 'bye' to Chris who's off to work, I did some work (proofreading) on a novel I've been sent. Then it was time for lunch (a bowl of home-made pea soup with bacon).

After lunch I began my weekly cleaning of the living room and kitchen. Because there are only the two of us, our home doesn't get dirty quickly. Nevertheless, I keep to cleaning at least once a week (not just dusting, but wiping floors and all). I was practically ready with this chore, when Dirk came calling. He's our electrician. He needed to replace a special lamp that has broken down just before Christmas. The new lamp had to come from Germany, and with the festive season it all took somewhat longer than usual.

When showing Dirk out, another guy came calling - Georges, the son of our former neighbors right across the street. He does garage sales for his hobby. I'd promised him a stack of old book last time I saw him, and now he was passing by and asked if he could take them along. I had to run up and down the stairs to the attic, where most of these books are kept.

So now I'm finally enjoying a cup of coffee and hope not to be disturbed anymore!

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