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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Going to the recycling park

Here in Flanders, each town has a recycling park (or more than one). In Dendermonde, we have two of them.

We finally found someone who wanted to drive us to the reclying park. We don't have a car anymore, but big things we can't bring away on our bike. So we had to ask a friend for a ride and now it finally worked out for all of us.

The last few days, we've been inspecting each room in the house and putting aside those items we didn't need anymore - old ski's and boots, pots still full of paint we don't use any longer, wallpaper of some ages ago, old furniture,...

Luckily Erwin has a pickup truck, so we could put all the stuff in it. Cost us 6€ to drop everything in the right container.

But the house is empty of junk now - the attic room looks again like a ballroom (before that it was cluttered with all kind of stuff). Will save time too when we move to the coast, in a few years' time.

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