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Sunday, January 22, 2017

First weekend at home for a long time

We're enjoying a weekend home right now. Can you imagine, we haven't been here for 5 weekends? First we were in Budapest, then we were at the coast, next in London and last weekend was spent in Antwerp. Pretty busy, so a relaxing time at home is welcome.

Well, the term 'relaxing' is broad one. Yes, we could sleep somewhat longer and we have time to watch some tv programs. But for the rest... cooking (dinners for Saturday and Sunday, while the last one is a stew which will serve at least two or three double portions + making a big pot of soup), writing a complaint (something to do with my sister's career) in the hope it will get noticed, planning for next year's holidays. Just as always, different places and regions are looked at, finding out which or what is most interesting. We're looking at Canada (Calgary & Toronto), Israel and Oman.

Also, we're both recovering from a bad cold. Chris still sneezes and coughs a lot, I'm somewhat better off. I only had a running nose. Lots of  people are ill here in Belgium. That's because of the mild weather until late December and then the snow and cold. Skiing is possible in the Ardennes. They have plenty of snow. Here in Dendermonde it hasn't snowed (luckily) - I hate clearing the pavement of snow. It's always I who has to do it, as my sister has to go to work. And afterwards the yard...

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