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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

If I'd believe...

... everything that was sent to me by mail, I'd be a billionaire already! Or or world-famous author with world-wide sales.

Really, the junk you get by mail! Every day tens of mails for penis enlargement (now I wonder, don't they know I'm female?), to give up your passwords to your bank account (there's a problem with your online account....), friendship requests (by men who prey on older women).

But the best are those where you're promised thousands, millions of dollars or euro's. Sometimes it's about an inheritance (of that distant uncle who left you his hidden capital), or better still, a request to transfer crime money and you'll get a percentage. And then those so-called lotteries by Google or Microsoft, where you are the only winner of a couple of millions.

Roughly calculating, I'd be a billionairess when I'd believe all of this. Can't imagine there are people who fall for such silliness! But there must be, otherwise the criminal minds wouldn't be sending around these mails.

When I receive such a mail, it goes right into the junk. I don't even open it. And what about you?

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