Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gradually getting into the Christmas spirit

Since Monday last, the radio station has been airing christmas songs galore. That's already something to put you into the right mindset for Christmas. I love classics as 'Last Christmas' by George Michael.

Our house is already fully decorated. We like to put up decorations according to the season. It brings life into the old house, I find. Ever if we have the opportunity, we buy little things abroad that are nice for one season or other. Like we have reindeer from Alaska, and strings of fishes from the south of France.

The Christmas stall we put up was already there when I was born, nearly 62 years ago. We still have it (and it's in relatively good shape), only the big star has gone missing. We now have a little one.

Another reason why I look forward to the coming holidays is that I feel fine once more. Since my last check-up on Thursday last week, the doctor halved my dosis of my daily 'poison'. I also got a prescription for a pill that helps against nausea. Now I take such a pill half an hour before I take my 'poison' pill of 400 mg and .... I feel fine. I can eat with taste once more, have more energy, no more pain anywhere in my body. I hope it can remain this way.

So, how do you feel about Christmas?

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