Monday, December 11, 2017

Let it snow, let it snow...

Yesterday, it snowed all morning and well into the afternoon. It was the first time this year the snow remained for a while. This morning, we woke up once more to heavy snowfall. It's still going on right this minute, and I won't be able to clear a path (I tried to, but you don't see it anymore).

We usually don't get this kind of snow. Most of the time, when it snows, it's just for a short while and the snow disappears before you know it.

This reminds me of my years in Germany, when winters were cold and snow fell abundantly. We went skiing and skating of the frozen lakes. That was great fun. Last week I was talking with someone (during a check-up at the hospital) who equally spent time in Soest. Lots of memories came back. It really was a good time and I enjoyed those years a lot. I remember I had so much fun there with my friends I barely came home (only when I didn't have any clean clothes left).

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