Friday, December 15, 2017

The warmest week

In three days' time, StuBru (one of our national radio stations) will organize De Warmste Week (Flemish for: the warmest week). It is traditionally the week before Christmas.

During this week, funds will be raised for all kind of good causes and the money will be donated to these organisations during a big live show on TV.

It's a wonderful gesture, I think. Most organisations don't get government support, like the organisation that fights cancer. They all depend on the goodwill of people like you and me. It is thanks to the moneys they collected in the course of years, that doctors now have more means to conquer this ugly illness. Would I've had cancer ten years ago, my chances would have been nihil. Now, thanks to the money collected, a whole ranch of medicines have been brought to market. These pills can reduce the size of tumors, even make them disappear. Doctors think that in 10 years' time cancer will only be a chronical disease. I hope to live that long.

Our (little) support comes in the form of a monthly donation. We used to support another good cause, but now think the fight against cancer is more important. We also plan to leave our inheritance to this organisation. This way we can do something back for all the chances I've been given.

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