Monday, December 18, 2017

Why not try a folly once in while?

Nowadays, I take life as it comes. I enjoy each day given to me and hope there'll be many more. And one important thing is never to give up hope.

So it's good to make plans - even impromptu ones. 2018 is getting pretty busy with all the things we're going to do. We're lucky that money isn't an issue. My sister still works and has a decent monthl income, while I enjoy a pension as civil servant. No kids, mortgage paid, so why do we need to save (too) much?

Like I said, this allows to give in to a folly every now and then. I remember 2011 when all of a sudden we could get tickets (250 £ a piece) for the 25th Anniversary of Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Plus two nights at a hotel.... But it was so worth all the money! It's one of those memories we both cherish, as we were also blessed with truly beautiful warm weather for this occasion.

And now we did it again. Chris read somewhere that American singer Michael Bolton (whom met unexpectedly met in Venice last year) comes to the UK for a series of special performances. As ones of these dates falls into a school holiday, we are able to attend. Spent all yesterday afternoon booking train tickets (Eurostar to London, Virgin to Liverpool), finding a hotel, buying VIP tickets to the event. Gives us the opportunity to talk to Michael for a while, and ask if he now has time to buy us a pint...

Do you ever give in to follies?

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