Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why it pays to have two freezers

Our weather is just terrible, and continues to be so. Yesterday, it was full chaos. Brussels Airport had to cancel almost their flights, as they could only use one runway. People had to spend the night at the airport.

On the roads, not so much difference. Traffic got stuck for hours at an end. For a relatively short distance, you had to reckon with a ride of 2-3 hours, as many trucks got stuck on bridges or such.

I tried to clear a path on the pavement, but after ten minutes you couldn't see it anymore.

Conclusion: if you don't have to go outside, remain in! Luckily we had done some shopping on Saturday, when it was cold but dry. And we do have two freezers, in which can be found many things. My sister loves home baking, so we always have some cake or buns in the freezer. Just like soup. Onion soup, leek soup, tomato soup, ... All in portions of one person.

Today is also a day you'd better not leave you home because the pavements are slippery because not everybody cleans them up (even when there are fines). So we live from what we find in our freezers. For today there's a big pot of premade spaghetti sauce and I always have a pasta enough. Tomorrow we can have an omelet for lunch, with bread we just have to unfreeze.

And hopefully tomorrow will be somewhat better!

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