Friday, December 22, 2017

Start of the Christmas holidays

It's going to be a very busy day at Brussels Airport today. They expect a load of passengers. The exams are done, most pupils got their marks and so everyone can leave for a trip. Most of these people travel to sunnier places, like Dubai or Sharm-El-Sheikh. For me, that's not done. Ok, I like sun, but in winter I'd choose a place where you can find some snow. Last winter we went to Budapest, and it was snowing as we arrived - the rest of the days were sunny, though, with a cold edge.

This time, we are first going to spend some time at our flat at the coast. We'll celebrate Christmas there. My sister likes to cook, so we can expect something special on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Then we'll head home on the 30th, to be able to do more shopping for New Year's Eve. In Dendermonde, the shops close on most Sundays and holidays. At the coast, this is different. There the supermarket is always open on Sunday.

After New Year, we're going to spend the rest of the week in our favorite place abroad, namely London. We've got tickets for a musical (Kinky Boots) and a ballet (Cinderella at Sadlers' Wells). Always great to be there, and there'll be sales when you go shopping. I still need some things for our upcoming trip to the Emirates.

I'm still on half a dosis of my daily poison, so I may expect to enjoy the holidays to the full extent.

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