Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thankful for little things

These last weeks, I've learned how precious the little things in life are. Always having been full of health, full of energy, I didn't think of being ill. I enjoyed my life to the full - good food, good wine, lots of trips abroad. Life was great.

But now I'm suffering from the effects of a chemo-treatment I've come to know how precious those things really are. Right now I feel thankful for being able to eat without being sick afterwards (mind, nothing to heavy on the stomach, light meals). I'm thankful for being able to walk to the town center - last week I was unable to stand on my feet as they hurt like hell.

Every day without major trouble is a good one nowadays. I just hope the treatment helps to reduce the metastasis in my body. The main tumor has been removed but a couple of small lumps remain. The medicine I take should be able to reduce the size of them, even can make them go away. But it's poison to the body. Just think of it: if it doesn't kill you, you might get better!

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