Sunday, December 2, 2012

Are you decorating for Christmas yet?

Normally, here in Belgium, people don't decorate for Christmas before Sinterklaas has passed by.
A word of explanation: Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) is not Father Christmas but a holy man who brings presents to children during the night of December 5th on 6th.

This use was brought to the United States by Flemish and Dutch shuipbuilders (the name Hoboken refers to the same parish in Antwerp) but in the course of years Santa Claus became Father Christmas.

What happens now, is that shops and cities are beginning to put up decorations earlier and earlier on. Already in November you saw some Christmas decoration when going into the city center. And it's not even Sinterklaas!

This afternoon, my sister and I have also put up our decoration in the house. We don't have a big tree (if you are only two, you don't need it) but we like to put up smaller decoration. We have this tiny tree which looks like real, in which we put tiny gold and red trinkets. We also have a very decorative piece coming from the best florist in Dendermonde which glistens and creates atmosphere. Then from a trip to Alaska we brought wooden reindeer which we have tied to strings and these hang against the walls. Bowls are filled with colorful balls and put here and there.

What do you do for decoration?

Presents won't be found anymore. There is only my sister and I, and we think it's silly to buy presents for each other - we do it all the time. As long as our parents were still living, we used to put lots of packages under the tree, but then it was fun as you didn't know what you'd find.

We were early with our decoration, as there are only three weeks left before the Christmas holidays begin, and then we move to our flat at the coast for two weeks. Next weekend we are going to put up our decoration there.

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