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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jack Taylor, ex-guard

Quite recently I watched the first episode of the Irish series Jack Taylor, based on the novels of Ken Bruen.

I love to watch such detective series, just as I like to read thrillers and detective novels. "Jack Taylor" was a nice discovery. It played after Lewis (another great series). You always think they can't do any better, but this Irish drama was more than worth viewing.

Jack Taylor once belonged to The Guards (the Irish police) but he's made redundant because he gives a speeding ticket to the chief of police (and when this one laughs at it, he gets a fist into his face). Now I just love such a kind of man! Not meaning I condone violence, but when someone gets to me I don't think - just act. I've once given a guy who wanted to rape me two black eyes, one broken nose and some missing teeth by a blow with a hammer on stand-by. That was in the 1980's when I was living in Germany and had a room in a house full of young officers. They were warned: when one of them dared to enter my room (the locks were worthless) I'd give them hell... I only had to do it once, the rest took care to leave me alone from then on.

So this Jack is a man after my liking. Of course he has some faults: he smokes and he drinks heavily. But he has the heart at the right place and when someone is in need of help he does what he can. Not always following the rules of law, but rather his own.

I've not yet the novels, but I intend to. I always buy the books once I've seen a TV-series, and quite often the books are even better.

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